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Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans can play an important role in your ability to save energy and be comfortable in your home. But turning them on and off is only half of the equation – ceiling fans also need to be used properly in order to serve you the best. A major part of this involves understanding how a ceiling fan’s blade rotation direction – counter-clockwise or clockwise – can affect indoor comfort.

Heating Season

During winter months, you’ll want to set your fan so the blades spin clockwise, or in reverse. This is the opposite from the default position on most ceiling fans, which is for summer operation. The clockwise rotation will blow air upwards toward the ceiling, redistributing the warm air that collects there so it’s pushed downward where room occupants can feel it. Your thermostat also will sense this warmer air and won’t kick on the furnace quite so soon, which will reduce your energy bills. To change the direction of the fan blade rotation, look for a small switch on the fan housing. When using a step-ladder to perform this task, take care not to fall.

Cooling Season

When spring arrives and you need your ceiling fans to help cool you down, it’s time to change the direction to counter-clockwise (but only if you had it set to clockwise during the winter – many people just don’t use ceiling fans during the cold season). Spinning in this direction will force air downward onto room occupants, creating a wind-chill cooling effect. While it won’t actually make the air cooler, it will make it feel that way. You can turn your thermostat up a few degrees, or even turn off the A/C entirely on mild days, and give your air conditioner a break,

For more information on how to efficiently use your home’s ceiling fans, or any other questions you may have about home comfort, please contact us at Tri-County Aire.


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