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Trane Air Handlers – Waldorf, MD

An air handler is an indoor unit composed of a high efficiency coil, blower fan and motor working together to deliver thoroughly conditioned air throughout your home year after year.


Air handlers work seamlessly in conjunction with your outdoor unit. When a Trane air handler is paired with a Trane heat pump, it will serve diligently all year long to circulate cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. An air handler can also be used with an air conditioner in climates where only cooling is needed. And regardless of the climate or season, a Trane Air Handler provides consistent, reliable comfort.

Trane’s Hyperion™ Air Handler’s construction is more like a refrigerator than a typical air handler. Construction includes insulation between the walls of the innovative Air-Tile™ cabinet preventing condensation that could damage the air handler or your home. It addition to eliminating “sweating,” the cabinet also eliminates the loose fibers from fiberglass insulation that could enter a different air handler’s airstream. Hyperion’s exclusive double-wall construction provides you with peace of mind as well as cleaner and safer indoor air.

Trane offers a complete family of air handlers – from two-speed to high efficiency variable speed models with TRANE CleanEffects built in. Just how effective is TRANE Clean Effects? No air filtration appliance or system comes close to its clean air delivery rate. Clean air delivery rate is what really matters … it’s about cleaning efficiency and airflow. Clean air delivery rate is a fair comparison of a typical 3-ton, whole-house heating and cooling system and standalone air-cleaning appliances.

Type of Air Cleaner   Clean Air Delivery Rate
Trane Clean Effects™   1200
Whole-house Electronic Air Cleaner   660
Whole-House 5" Media   240
Typical Room HEPA Appliance   150
Typical 1" Filter   12
Typical Ionic-Type Appliance   10

When it comes to heating and cooling, time is money. A very efficient air handler can reduce the work done by the compressor in your outdoor unit, achieving the desired temperature in your home for less money.

Your investment in a Trane air handler is well protected with manufacturer warranties on internal functional parts. Trane also doubles the life of their air handler warranties from 5 to 10 years when your unit is installed at the same time as a TRANE XLi outdoor condensing unit.

Tri-County Aire is your authorized TRANE Dealer. Your investment in a Trane air handler is well protected with manufacturer warranties on internal functional parts







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