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HVAC Maintenance Plans – Southern MD

If your HVAC system isn’t producing the fresh air you need, it may need maintenance. If you’re not sure it’s worth the time, consider the following reasons:

  • Dirt makes HVAC equipment work harder. Heat pumps and air conditioners all function by transferring heat. The transfer surfaces work best when they’re free of grime, dust, or other obstructions. Cleaning HVAC equipment and replacing dirty filters will save energy and lower costs.

  • Small adjustments can yield big savings. You can create substantial savings by turning up the thermostat of your air-cooling device just 2-3°F or by adjusting the automated settings of your heat pump’s supplementary electric-resistance heating elements.

To improve efficiency and reduce costs even more, have a Tri-County Aire service technician perform the following maintenance items on an annual basis:

  • Check refrigerant levels. The sealed subsystems filled with refrigerant in your chillers, heat pumps, and air conditioners should be checked for leaks and level drop-offs.

  • Clean coils. Dirty or fouled evaporator and condenser coils reduce heat transfer making your system less efficient.

  • Check fan speeds. They can function adequately and run more efficiently when set at a low level.

  • Adjust belt drives. Set them to run fans at the lowest reasonable level and tighten them so they don’t slip.

  • Inspect all parts. Check valves, dampers, linkages, and motors. Repair, recalibrate, or replace controls. Check and maintain steam traps, vacuum systems, and vents in two-pipe steam systems.

  • Make seasonal adjustments. Turn off water pumps in hot water heating systems in mild weather.

Complete and submit our Peak Performance Air Conditioning & Heating Service Agreement and Tri-County Aire's Comfort Care Consultant will contact you to go over your agreement submittal.


We're located in and provide heating and air conditioning maintenance service for Southern Maryland homeowners and businesses. 
County: St. Mary's located near: California MD, Hollywood MD, Mechanicsville, Charlotte Hall, Waldorf, Clinton, Prince Frederick, Dunkirk, Owings, Huntingtown, Annapolis Maryland. 
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