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Leaves & Debris Can Damage Your Unit

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If you’re blessed with tall trees loaded with leaves, you know that fall brings on a yard full of leaves. Raking and leaf blowing can be a huge task. But have you looked at your HVAC unit to see how many leaves and other debris are on or in the unit?

Cleaning out the outdoor compressor is very important before winter sets-in. Why? An electric heat pump is used to generate heat for your indoor comfort. Your outdoor HVAC unit cools and heats your home by using your electric heat pump. It won't run efficiently If leaves and other debris collect around or in the compressor. Inefficient performance results in uncomfortable indoor temperatures, increased energy costs and wear and tear on the unit.

How to Prevent Damage to Your HVAC System

Cleaning your outdoor HVAC unit can prevent damage. If you decide to clean the unit, be sure to turn off the power to your unit in your home's breaker box and turn off the outside switch near the compressor/condenser. After turning off the power, follow these steps:

Step 1 Remove Debris. Open the outdoor unit to access the floor of the compressor. If you find leaves and debris, take time to clean this area out by hand or use a wet/dry vacuum.

Step 2 Clean the Walls. The walls of your outdoor unit act as a filter. The walls are made of thin fins preventing entry of debris to the system. If these fins are covered with dirt/grime, clean the fins by using a water hose or a fin cleaning spray.

Step 3 Clear the Area Around the Unit. Once you have cleaned the unit’s interior, clear the surrounding area of any leaves or debris (top, sides, front and back). Give your unit plenty of room to work efficiently by clearing about 2 feet around the outdoor unit.

If you don’t have the time to maintain your HVAC unit, we can handle it for you. Contact us about our maintenance plan. href="/contact-us.html">Tri-Country Aire anytime.



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