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Rain or shine, Mechanicsville counts on Tri-County Aire to handle all of its heating and cooling needs. With a staff of dedicated air conditioning repair specialists who carry Maryland licenses, full liability insurance and North American Technician Excellence certifications, there’s nothing that Tri-County can’t handle. Whether its technicians are performing cost-saving indoor air quality audits by day or handling unexpected equipment breakdowns in the middle of the night, Mechanicsville can count on the company to provide prompt, friendly, top-quality workmanship. In fact, clients who’d like a professional to examine their equipment at regular intervals can sign up for a low-cost annual service plan that’s designed to catch equipment issues before they cause serious problems.

Tri-County Aire works with world-renowned manufacturer Trane and other name brand manufacturers to bring the latest HVAC systems to Mechanicsville. Its well-stocked showroom contains wall-mounted air conditioners, central units, water heaters, furnaces, heat pumps and accessories. Customers who need a little extra help during the selection process can count on trained, dedicated staff members to answer their questions and address their concerns. Once they’ve made a purchase, comprehensive factory warranties offer long-term peace of mind. Simply put, Mechanicsville puts its trust in Tri-County Aire.


Mechanicsville History

Mechanicsville is close to the first European settlement in the state of Maryland. Although the area had been periodically inhabited for thousands of years before the arrival of English settlers, nearby St. Clement’s Island is widely regarded as the “birthplace” of the Maryland colony. For decades, the Mechanicsville area supported tobacco plantations and dairy farms in increasing numbers. After the Revolutionary War, a number of small industrial concerns began to operate in the area. As the nearby national capital grew outward, real estate developers began to set up shop in Mechanicsville. Slow but steady suburban development continues to this day.


Located on the northern edge of St. Mary’s County, Mechanicsville sits on the southeastern border of the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. It’s mostly surrounded by rolling fields and patches of deciduous forest, but a few residential subdivisions have recently cropped up in its outlying precincts. The Patuxent River estuary is just a short distance to the east, and several other marshy areas combine to give Mechanicsville a pristine feel. The town itself spreads out along Maryland Highway 5 and lacks a well-defined core. Indeed, there’s some confusion about the precise location of its boundaries.

Population and Demographics

Since Mechanicsville isn’t an incorporated municipality, there’s some controversy about its exact size and shape. According to Census data, the area that’s traditionally defined as “Mechanicsville” has a population of just under 25,000. However, this figure incorporates a number of suburban subdivisions that are often assigned to other Census-designated places. Population estimates that use narrower definitions of “Mechanicsville” place the area’s population at 5,000 or less. In either case, the area is home to a diverse mix of professionals, farmers and small business owners.

Things to Do in Mechanicsville, Maryland

With a wealth of local attractions, Mechanicsville does plenty to attract St. Mary’s County residents and visitors alike. It’s just a short drive from St. Mary’s City, a “living history” site that contains the remnants of the region’s second-oldest colonial city. To the west, Wicomico Shores Golf Club stretches along a picturesque estuary and maintains an open-to-the-public policy. The area’s outdoorsy residents and visitors can take their pleasure boats and fishing dinghies out on the calm waters of the Wicomico and Potomac Rivers. Meanwhile, beach-goers can drive to the end of the peninsula to check out the sand dunes and water views of Point Lookout State Park.

Climate and Weather

Mechanicsville’s temperate climate is marked by mild transitional seasons, hot summers and chilly winters. Due to its location on the Atlantic Coastal Plain, Mechanicsville is heavily influenced by the nearby waters of the Gulf Stream. In summer and early fall, these warm waters draw tropical moisture that can produce coastal flooding and high winds. In the winter, nor’easters and clippers can bring cold, driving rain or snow to the area. Fortunately, the nearby waters also moderate Mechanicsville’s temperatures and shelter it from the extremes that plague inland regions.



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