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Ductwork Problems Have a Wide Range
of Causes


It’s important to understand how your HVAC system delivers air throughout your home or building to understand just how important it is to keep up with the health of your ductwork. Your HVAC system supplies hot and cold air through a series of ducts that are located throughout your structure.

There are two sides to your system: the supply and the return. The supply side distributes hot or cold air to each of the designated areas through a register. The other side returns air to the HVAC system for conditioning. It is imperative that the HVAC system is able to keep a balance of airflow in order to function properly.  Ductwork problems decrease the effectiveness of your system to circulate air.

Ducts are constructed using rigid material (duct board or metal) or flexible, plastic-lined accordion type pipe. Either construction type needs to be free to push and pull at the air throughout the system. It is in your best interest to have any ductwork problems inspected by a licensed HVAC service person.

The air filter connected to your ducts should also be checked regularly. A dirty filter is an obstruction itself. There are times, too, when an air filter may loosen and get pulled into the duct and become the obstruction. You want to make sure nothing reaches the blower. Fire and internal damage can occur if the obstruction is a foreign object pulled into the system.

The blower fan is another key inspection point. Dirt caught on the blades and protective cage will reduce the airflow. Collected dirt will block air from entering the system or cause a drag on the blades, which lowers the volume of air being moved.

Another factor is the possibility of an undersized return duct. While you may have had no problem at the beginning, the slightest change, i.e., a filter that is due for change, would make this issue stand out.

If you are experiencing a change in your ability to heat or cool your home, then this is an indication that your HVAC system needs an inspection. An HVAC specialist will provide you with guidance to fix any ductwork problems present in your system.

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