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Aprilaire Zone Control Systems – Waldorf, MD

As you are probably aware, it’s next to impossible to keep every room in the house at a comfortable teuremperature. Expansive windows to the south soak up the sun, while harsh winds cool the north side of the house. Heat rises up the stairs leaving the main floor and fills the bedrooms. And cool air settles into the finished basement or first level. The result is a house in which some rooms are too hot and some are too cold for real comfort.

Aprilaire Zone Control System

The common problem in today’s homes can cause temperatures to vary dramatically from one part of the house to the next. Many of the most desired design features in today’s homes make keeping each part of the house at a comfortable temperature almost impossible. This situation is further aggravated when a home’s heating and cooling system is controlled by a single thermostat. That thermostat primarily affects only the room in which it is located and the temperature it senses is not representative of the whole house.

If you want to take control of your comfort, there’s no better way than the Aprilaire Zone Control System. Recent technological advancements make it the most reliable system available, providing long-lasting, trouble-free operation for the ultimate indoor air comfort and energy savings.

There are two primary components to the Aprilaire Zone control System:
Automatic Dampers – featuring the exclusive Flexible Link™ design for maximum system reliability, Aprilaire dampers are designed for a perfect fit into the heating and air conditioning ducts that feed each zone of the house.

Control Panel – Aprilaire’s sophisticated microprocessor command center is compatible with virtually all thermostats and regulates the conditioned air by directing it to the designated zone in the right amount at the right time.

For indoor air comfort, contact Tri-County Aire, your authorized Aprilaire dealer.

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